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After stumbling across this photo, I knew I wanted to take what looks like a rolled up newspaper, and turn into a clutch. Perfect to pair with a classic outfit, I love how this becomes a newsworthy statement piece. A flat clutch works best for this project, and after spotting one at H&M for under $20, I raced home, grabbed my ModPodge and the latest headlines to create the look. 
Supplies: Newspapers, Paintbrush, Clutch from H&M,  ModPodge from BlickArt
There are a couple ways to do this DIY: 
You can measure out each side of your bag and cut out the correct size pieces to attached to the clutch. 
OR my technique: free hand cutting and patch together pieces to cover each surface.
Steps after the break...

After you cut your pieces of newspaper,  paint the ModPodge on the surface of your clutch, work in sections so the glue does not dry too quickly. 

Lay down the piece, then paint over it with ModPodge.

Cover the entire bag by layering peices of newspaper, make sure to paint the ModPodge under and on top of each piece. Cover one side and let it dry for a couple hours, then flip and cover the opposite side and let dry

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