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Glitter ‘N Glue Product Review: Krylon Glitter Blast

Glitter ‘N Glue Product Review: Krylon Glitter Blast

Left: Dolce and Gabbana Right: Glitter ‘N Glue
I love when the UPS drops off packages at my door. I especially love when the package is full of GLITTER!!!!! Come on you guys know I’m obsessed, so imagine my excited me when I got a package of the new Glitter Blast by Krylon.
I was so excited to try out this product. Usually when I’m applying glitter I have to mix up a of concoction of glitter n glue (lol get it? Glitter ‘N Glue) and then apply with a brush. Thanks to Krylon, they’ve now made my glitter application process a little easier! #Excited
Before: Zebra print bag from H&M on sale for $6
This purse was also very excited that the UPS guy made the delivery when he did. This bag was sitting on top of my thrift store pile. It’s time in my closet was about to come to an end. Consider the Krylon deliver its stay of execution. It got a second chance at a fashionable life.
I went crazy with the painters tape. I put tape on the leather handles since I wanted them to remain black.
Look at the way it shines when the sun hits it just right!
DIY NOTE: The sealing process is the most important step in the Glitter Blast process. You must purchase the Krylon can of clear sealer. It protects the glitter and prevents it from getting all over the place. It’s a must!
Krylon’s Glitter Blast has a new fan! It’s my new fave product and I recommend you try to get your hands on a can. Click here to see a list of retailers in your area. My only recommendation is to make sure you use the Glitter Blast outside and in a ventilated area. I was walking around with glitter on me for a few days…not that I consider that a real problem.
Thanks to Krylon for sending me a few cans.

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