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MyMemories Review + Promo Code + Giveaway!

Recently, MyMemories - a digital scrapbooking software company - contacted me about trying out and reviewing MyMemories Suite Version 2.0. At first I thought, scrapbooking? But I'm a fashion DIY blog...but a few seconds later, it suddenly dawned on me that scrapbooking and fashion can totally go hand in hand. So, I decided to give the scrapbooking software a shot. Here's what I thought of it, and what I made with it. There's also a giveaway AND a promo code for my readers, so keep reading!


glamour kills diy: Cut Out Shoulder T-Shirt

I think any DIY'er knows that t-shirt reconstructions are the most basic clothing DIY's in the history of clothing DIY's (or something like it). I personally love taking Men's shirts and adding a feminine twist to them, so when Glamour Kills (one of my favorites!) asked me to DIY some of their shirts, I was all for it. Back in May, they also invited me to their Manhattan office in Soho to DIY some of their shirts (I actually wore this shirt that day).

Funny story: I actually knew about GK back in high school - Mark, the founder of Glamour Kills, started selling shirts at local shows back in 2005. My hometown isn't that far from his hometown, so I remember seeing Glamour Kills shirts around school and at shows. Who knew that 6 years later I'd be visiting the GK office to DIY some shirts? It's crazy how things work out.


- T-shirt
- Matching thread
- Sharp scissors
- Sewing needle
- Pencil (not shown)

I used this "Metal" tee by Glamour Kills, in a Men's Medium.  At first, it's not exactly the most girly shirt, which is exactly why I chose it.

1) Draw a half circle on the shoulder; start off small - you can always cut off more later. 

2) Cut out, and try on. If you like it, then keep it! If not, adjust and cut some more.

3) Fold the shirt in half, so you can trace the cut out shoulder onto the other sleeve.

4) Gather the sleeve at the bottom of the cut out shoulder, and secure by sewing several stitches.

5) Every few stitches, I wrapped the gathered fabric in the thread; in other words, instead of inserting the needle back through the fabric, I inserted it through the cut out shoulder, and wrapped the thread around to accentuate the fabric. This created a bow like look, as you can see above. Then I continued sewing a few more stitches for extra security.

Repeat Steps 4 and 5 on the other sleeve, and you're done!

 Easy :)

If you follow me on Twitter, I just posted a picture of 2 shirts that Glamour Kills recently sent me from their latest line. I already know what I want to do with them, so keep an eye out for those!

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