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DIY: Neon Satchel Inspired By Cambridge Satchel Co. and Kate Spade

So a few weeks ago my friend Jenny showed up to dinner carrying her gorg neon bag from Cambridge Satchel Company. Needless to say… I WANTED IT! To be honest she’s lucky she didn’t leave the table to go to the bathroom, if she had it would have been mine ;-) PS: I would have had to change my name in order to carry the bag because she’s so cool her Cambridge Satchel has her initials monogrammed on it!
Jenny’s fabulous bag got me thinking about how I could get my own. This triggered my memory about a can on Krylon paint that I saw at my local hardware store a few weeks back that had peaked my interest. The Kyrlon orange fluorescent spray paint was calling my name. It was the perfect paint for this project.
Materials: Satchel Style Handbag (Picked this one up from H&M), Krylon Fluorescent Paint
Don’t forget to apply painters tape to the hardware of your bag so you won’t get paint on it
Spray! Spray! Spray! It might take a few coats of paint

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