вторник, 1 ноября 2011 г.

ОООчень крутые мастер классы

[as seen on] Today.com

Dress from Zara, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, DIY earrings 
Last week I had the amazing opportunity to take part in Today's DIY Week. I was beyond excited when they asked me to make a project to be featured on Today.com.  My fab friend Sonia saw a pair of earrings similar to these while shopping and suggested we do-it-ourselves! What I love is that you can try it with different size rhinestones and experiment with other colors/kinds of string, and it almost always turns out fantastic.  
I have been sporting mine, and already have requests from my friends to make them a pair... I think it is time to plan a craft party ASAP! 
Steps and supplies after the break! 

Supplies: Hoop earrings, String of clear (or color) small rhinestones, Embroidery floss or
experiment with different types/colors of string
Tie a knot around your earring and start of rhinestone string, flush to the closure. 
Double knot to secure.
Continue wrapping the string around the earring, between each link of the rhinestones.
When you reach the end tie another double knot, and cut off excess rhinestones and string.
Add a pop of color with red, or get a sleek look with black string.

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