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DIY: One Shoulder Wrap Dress

Images via FabSugar
One big trend on this years Oscars red carpet was bare shoulders. Who would have guess that when I stepped out of my house to attend Us Weekly Magazine Oscar viewing party I was on trend?
Believe it or not my dress for the evening only cost $10. Yep, that’s right…$10!! I picked up 2 yards of fabric from a fabrics store downtown and with a simple (and no sew) wrap trick I created my look for the night. I paired my statement Crux earrings, a ring from H&M and my Louboutins. The photographer cut off my shoes a little but trust me I was giving some serious right leg action. Angies wasn’t the only one!
To honor of this years Best Picture winner The Artist, here’s a little how to silent video showing you just how easy it is to make this dress.
This process is simple: 1.) Pick out about 2 yards of your favorite fabric 2.) Wrap the fabric around you pulling the left end underneath your right arm. Pull it very tight so that there’s o draping. 3.) Tie both ends into a bow over your right shoulder to secure
I had so much fun showing off my fun and easy flowy dress on the carpet. A great thing about this look is that you can transform it to whatever event you’re attending by just simply purchasing a new piece of inexpensive fabric. Maybe use a haute pink fabric and rock  it with a pair of gold sandals for those summer time cook outs. Who doesn’t love a quick and easy maxi dress during the Summer? Just be sure to wear a strapless dress underneath for fabrics that might be too sheer.

DIY: Rhinestone Necklace Inspired By The 2012 Oscar Red Carpet

Photos via FabSugar
There was lots of glitz on last nights Oscars Red Carpet. If I had to pick jusssssst one to take home the best dressed trophy I’d had to pick Gwyneth for that Tom Ford cape number. I could have done without the hair, but I love that her dress was on trend and she took a risk with that cape. It was haute! But there were tons of other trends on the red carpet I was excited to see. One of them being the simple rhinestone necklace. I know, I know it’s totally unusual for me to be attracted to something that’s not so blingy and statementy but sometimes simple, clean and classic makes the loudest statement of all. Now we all know those necklaces on the necks of Penelope, Cameron and Michelle probably cost a trazillion dollars, but here’s a quick and easy way for you to DIY the look.
Materials: Cupchain, Cupchain Connectors, Jump Rings, Lobster Claw
First, attach the cupcahin connector to the end of your chain. Use a pair of plyers to bend down the prongs and secure the connector.
Then using a jump ring attach the lobster claw.
Repeat the same process on the opposite end but just attach the connector and the jump ring.
There’s something so chic and so classic about a simple rhinestone necklace. Here actress Ava Gardner sports one to the 1954 Oscars. I’m not sure which accessory is better her necklace or her date, Frank Sinatra.
Here’s a little Hollywood history: Ava was nominated for her leading role in Mogambo. But it was her boo Sinatra who took home the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his performance in From Here to Eternity (via Parade).
Stay tuned because later this week I’ll be posting pics of my trip down the Us Weekly Magazine Oscar Red Carpet and a DIY video explaining how I crafted my look!

DIY: Neon Stud Clutch

Last weekend, while on a little shopping spree, I tweeted out a few pics of pieces that tickled my fancy. You guys were really excited about anything neon. I’m obsessed with the bright colored shoes from Aldo and I basically want everything in Nanette Lepore’s Spring collection. Clearly you guys are just as into the brights as I am. So as promised, here’s a little neon clutch DIY tutorial that’s a must for your Spring wardrobe.
Materials: A Clutch, Stud Trim, Glue, Fluorescent Spray Paint
First, use a little E6000 to glue the stud trim directly to the clutch.
Transform your clutch from dull to delicious by adding a little spray paint. Use painters tape to protect the hardware of the bag from being covered in paint.
You shouldn’t need more than two coats. Just be sure to give it plenty of time to dry.
Jumpsuit from BCBGeneration, Leopard wedges from Chinese Laundry
Stylist tip: If the bands of a halter top are long enough, try playing around with different ways of tying your top. Criss cross the bands in the back and tie it under your bust line for a different look.
The Oscars are this weekend so I had to hit the palm tree lined streets of Beverly Hills for this shot. The sun was shinning and I was feeling so Hollywood. Are you excited about the Oscars? For me, the main event is the red carpet. I’m looking forward to seeing who will be wearing what.

DIY: WWDMAGIC Las Vegas + Feather Earrings Tutorial + Betsey Johnson And I Are BFFs

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook know that I spent the last 4 days in Las Vegas. Yep, that’s right VEGAS!!! The good people at WWDMAGIC invited a blog-tourage to come and be a part of the trade show. I was invited to host a DIY lounge along with my two other DIY blogger friends Alicia (from Dismount Creative) and Jenni (from I Spy DIY). I met other bloggers from across the country and was able to interact with show goers in the DIY lounge. For 3 days we Alica, Jenni and I held DIY tutorials at the lounge and people stopped by to get crafty with us. On the last day Jenni shared her fabulous feather earring tutorial with she’s featuring in her I Spy DIY book. Be sure to pick up a copy when it hits stands in April because it’s full of fun projects AND yours truly is quoted in the book! Here’s the step by step for the easy, breezy feather earrings…
First, pick out a colorful combination of feathers you want to play with
You can purchase feathers at craft stores like Michale’s. There’s also a good selection of feathers online, but if you live in Los Angeles may I suggest you check out Mother Plucker Feather Company. It’s my favorite feather store in LA!
You’ll also need jewelry clasp and earring findings.
Lay you feathers into the jewelry clasp, then using a pair of flat nose plyers bend each clasp down until the feathers are secure.
Then, use your plyers to open the ring on the end of the jewelry finding and attached the clasp. Close the ring to secure.
In two easy steps you have yourself a fancy pair of feather earrings.
Lots of people came to the lounge to make their own pair. So many feather. So many colors. So many different combinations. That’s what I love about DIY. Everyone participated in the same project but no two pairs of earrings looked a like.
The highlight of my trip to Vegas had to be meeting Betsey Johnson!!!! I still can’t get over it! The day after her NYC runway show at Fashion Week, Ms. Johnson got on a plane and headed to Las Vegas to make an appearance at MAGIC! (Sorry I’m using a lot of explanation marks but I was literally that excited!!! JUST BE HAPPY I’M NOT TYPING IN ALL CAPS! #excited) Anywho, the other bloggers and I got a chance to meet and be photographed with her. While we were waiting for the lights to flash, Betsy and I got to chat DIY. She’s very excited about the trend. She doesn’t remember the first thing she ever made herself, but she said when she got her first sewing machine it “changed [her] life.”Well obviously! And it changed our lives too! I’m a BIG fan of Betsey’s. Her collection is always fun and whimsical.
Look at the smiles on our faces. Like kids in a candy store! Just being in her presence gave us an extra boost of energy.
Bloggers from L to R: Danielle from The Style and Beauty Doctor (sitting), Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook (squatting), Me, Betsey, Rachel from The Style Line, Marie from The Curvy Fashionista(sitting) and Alicia from Dismount Creative (squatting).
I had to crop a few people out of this picture to make it look like Betsey and I are best friends, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do! lol Thank goodness for Instagram.
All and all my time in Vegas was exciting, energizing and exhausting. Now to spend the next 3 days catching up on my sleep. Viva Las Vegas!!!

DIY: Gold Toe Pumps Featured On StyleCaster.com

It’s all about the gold toe! Rihanna was recently seen sitting courtside at a LA Lakers game sportin’ her gold toe Louboutin pumps. Thanks for the inspiration RiRi! Click here to check out the steps to this easy DIY project featured on StyleCaster.com.

DIY: Studded iPad Cover

Recently my level of work productivity has been at an all time low. Instead of responding to emails or taking care of other Glitter ‘N Glue business details yesterday, I spent the afternoon with a tube of E600 going rockstar on my iPad case. Seriously, I went into my craft closet to grab some paints for another project and was distracted by blinging studs. I spent the afternoon watching Wendy Williamsand gluing studs to my hard iPad cover. I just had to share. Fashion meets technology. So even though when my alarm went off this morning I thought it was Friday (fail), I’m raising the coffee cup and cheersing to being  more productive today than yesterday. Cheers!

DIY: Color Popped Collar + Glitterly Chunky Heels

Because of the mild Winter across the US many weather ladies and gents have dubbed January 2012, Juneuary. I have to say I’m in love with the 76 and sunny and type weather we’re having in SoCal. So in honor of Juneuary, and hopefully Febune, I’m skipping anymore Wintery type DIY post and bringing on Spring a little early. Color is the most exciting thing about Spring trends. Here’s a quick and easy way to bring a little color to those boring button downs. Just to be warned there is a whole color situation going on in this post that might cause epileptic seizures. Well not really, but you’ve been warned…
Materials: Button Down Shirt, Stained by Sharpie Fabric Marker
Be as creative as you wish! Used any color fabric pen you desire. Use multiple colors. Whatever you want!
I paired my colorful button down with my pair of DIYed glitter chunky heels. I picked up the heels from Target, applied a healthy amount of Aleene’s Tacky Glue to the toe and heel then I doused it in glitter. GLITTER BOMB!!!!! Shake off the access glitter and then allow it to dry. I used painters tape to help me get such straight lines.
Have fun! xo

Saturday Afternoon DIY: Swarovski Button Statement Ring

Weekend afternoons are the perfect time to get a little crafty. I just wanted to share this cocktail ring I whipped up today. I’ve can’t stop thinking about oversized cocktail rings since playing dress up at last weeks Swarovski event. I found this Swarovski button at my local fabric store and thought it would make the perfect ring! You guys know the drill… button + ring base + E6000 = PURE FABULOSITY! (Click here to check out the full tutorial) I can’t wait to rock it as I hit the town on this fine Saturday night. Happy Weekend, ya’ll.
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DIY: Tassel Knot Chain Earrings

Ok so full disclosure: This post was inspired by an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Yes I’m a fan of entire Bravo TV Housewives  franchise. I watch all of them, except Orange County. Don’t judge me! Anywho, I was watching last weeks episode of RHOATL when these earrings on the lobes of Ms. Sheree Whitfield caught my eye. They were all chain and dangling down here neck. They were fierce! My inner diva was turned on and I was inspired to make my own…
Materials: Chains, 2 Jump Rings, 2 Earring Findings
Sip the earring finding onto the jump ring. Cut your chain to be about 8-10 inches long.
Slide your chain through the jump ring.
Knot the top of the earring, finding and all, around the chain and pull tight to secure.
Honey, you gotta love a pair of earrings that move in the wind!
Anytime I wear chains it brings out my inner Rihanna. My inner rocker. They edgy and fun. Not necessarily something I’d wear every day, but with the right outfit they’re the perfect match.

Video: DIY Rhinestone Chain Statement Necklace

Last week I posted a photo on Instagram of this quickie DIY necklace from a few yards of rhinestone chain I picked up. I got a lot of request asking for a video showing exactly how I had it. Well you ask and you shall receive. It’s quick and easy. Also, I gave you guys a few tips on shopping for DIY materials that might be on the pricey side ie rhinestone chain. Lots of DIYliciouness in the video. Enjoy xoxo

DIY HOME: Door Knob Jewelry Organizer

I have to confess that most times my jewelry box is a haute mess. It’s never very organized and I always end up loosing an earring or spending hours trying to untangle necklaces. At the beginning of the year I vowed to take better care of my accessories and to keep my jewelry organized. You gotta love this shabby chic necklace organizer. I’m so excited to use it and to of course tell everyone that I made it myself!
Materials: Fancy Door Knobs, Wood, Paint
Paint your wood white to give it a shabby chic and finished look
Pencil equidistant spaces along the wood where you’d like your knobs to go. Then use a drill to make a whole in the wood. Don’t be afraid to use that drill. You can do it girlfriend!!!
Insert the knob screw through one end of the wood and screw on the knob on the top.
Mount to the wall and hang your necklaces from the knobs keeping them organized. So chic!

DIY Inspiration: Golden Globes Awards 2012

L to R: Nicole Kidman‘s studded straps, Mary J Blige‘s feathers, Charlize Theron‘s rhinestone headband, Zooey Deschanel‘s tuxedo nails, Julie Bowen‘s embellished sleeves

Afterparty: GSC Miss Congeneality DIY Party

Last night Miss Wisconsin was crowned Miss America 2012 and I hosted a DIY party to celebrate the festivities. Click here to check out The Glitterati Social Club for all the sights from last nights party!

DIY: StyleCaster Chainmail Embellished Collar

Happy Friday! Who doesn’t love an embellished collar? I love that you can add a collar to almost any outfit. Today my chainmail collar DIY tutorial was featured on StyleCaster. Click here to see the full tutorial. It’s a fun one!

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