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DIY: Neon Necklace

I’m so excited about  Britney Spear’s new album Femme Fatale. I have a feeling it’s going to be my soundtrack to my Summer, but I digress… Neon is one of the hottest trends of the Summer. It’s bright, it’s electric, it’s fun and Britney is rockin’ this amazing Tom Binns neon yellow necklace in her Hold It Against Me Video.
This season Tom Binns (one o my absolute favorite jewelry designers) has tons of neon necklaces, but let’s be honest I spent most of my money on the TB Safety Binns Cuff so spending 2,000+ on the TB Ethno necklace is out of the question if I planned on paying rent!
Materials: A Rhinestone Statement Necklace, Neon Paint, Paintbrush
I purchased this necklace from Forever 21. They always have great statement necklaces and accessories.
Wet Paint!
All the pretty colors!
DIY Tip: Once your paint is dry, add a coat of clear nail polish to make your necklace shine!
LOL everytime I wear neon I feel the need to wear my hipster glasses. I actually stole these from my Mom. RIGHT… She didn’t need them

Click here to purchase tickets and see you there!
What you’ll need: A headband, Forever 21 necklace, tulle, felt, craft glue

Cut the tulle to the size you’d like your bow to be. (You all know I love to make a statement so I cut my tulle to be about a foot.) Layer pieces of tool to make your bow thicker and to add more drama! Gather the tulle in the middle to create pleats and the bow shape. Glue your tulle bow to your headband.
Remove the charm from the chain of the necklace and it to the center of the tulle bow. Using the charm of a necklace or a pair of jazzy earrings is a great way to glam up a headband!
Cut a piece of felt and glue it to the back of the headband to help stabilize the bow.

A DIY bracelet to go “nuts and bolts” over!

*DIYer’s note: Caution to all nylon stockings, fancy dresses, eyeballs and creepy dudes hitting on you at the bar… the edges are sharp. Be careful

Last week I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond in search for a rug for my bathroom, but I got distracted by a sale in kitchenware.
Napkin rings –> statement necklace. DIY alway on the brain!
*image courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia


apologize in advance for two shoe DIYs back to back, but what can I say? I LOVE SHOES!!! And I love the classic white Keds. They are a perfect canvas to let your imagination run wild. I already have ideas to DIY more pairs of Keds.
Be inspired!
Check out www.keds.com for their entire shoe collection. LOTS of fun stuff for you to enjoy.
And don’t forget to watch this weeks episode of Vainglorious! We’re talking all about the nautical trend. Click here to watch



DIY: flippy floppies

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