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Chain Tassel Earrings ~ DIY ~


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Voila, diy, tassel earrings,
You can trim chains to hang at an angle ~ Try them on and make adjustments from there.

NOTE* I used the pliers to adjust the loop on the earring base
it was facing sideways and I wanted it in front.


I planned on doing these at the beginning of July but ended up doing the chain tassel long necklaces instead. So now I've done both.

You can get creative with this project and leave the tassels long if you wish and even add beads to the chains. They're really fun and while they do take a bit of patience as the chain links are very tiny, it's a pretty simple project. Have fun

Reader Request Maeg-it Yourself
Leather Parton Fringe Earrings

Claire Fong leather earrings - DIY

This Reader Request Maeg-it Yourself was inspired by and made for Laura who submitted the Parton Fringe Earrings by Claire Fong available at LuLu's. Thank you Laura, and Congrats! I hope you don't mind that I changed the colors up and added a chain ...fingers crossed that you still like them ;) Email your whereabouts to lovemaegan@gmail.com and I'll send them to you asap.

And for the rest of you ...an easy DIY.


* Leather scraps ...preferably on the thin side. I used colors I already had.
* Spray paint or acrylic paint. If you can't find the leather colors you want, you can paint it. Since my leather is already treated on one side, I painted the back {suede side} so the paint would stick. You can paint raw leathers on top but may have to abrade it a little first with a sander.
* Earring hooks or Ear Wire
* I added a bit of chain to mine ...you'll need your pliers & chain for that
* A Bead Reamer or pointed tool to create a hole
* Scissors
* Earring templates ... you can download mine here


* Print templates {or create your own} and cut them out. Turn leather over, place templates down and carefully trace around them.


* Carefully cut your shapes out of the leather. {I started w/pink but ended up liking the red better}.


* Flip leather over and spray paint the back side if you'd like to change your colors. Let dry. You can also use acrylic paint. {neither will stick to the treated side}


* Using your bead reamer {or other hole-creating device} puncture small holes at the tops of each of your leather shapes.


* Carefully cut from the bottom up creating your "fringe".


* Using your beading pliers, carefully open loop at the bottom of your earring wires.


* If you wish to add the chain, open the links to create 2 small chains equal in length.


* Layer on your leather fringed shapes one at a time making sure they are facing front and earring wire is facing back.


* Once you've added all your pieces to the earring wire loop, pinch it closed with your pliers.


* Trim off any excess or to slim them down a bit if they are uncomfortable.





If you're new here, you should know that I've decided to make the Reader Request MIY {I make it, you get it!} a weekly feature. I will continue to go through your suggestions & hopefully choose yours next!

I've posted a button/link on my right sidebar to the original submission post so if you come up with any new ideas you can easily come back and leave a new comment in that post. I'm still checking my Twitter & email too. Thanks for making this so much fun!

Have Fun!


Пока все что я нашла! Но попосдже я сделаю сообщение" Сборная солянка of ...LoveMaegan"

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