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Drop Waist V-neck T-shirt Dress DIY










Aldo gladiator stilettos c.a. 2008 seen here and here

Yes, another t-shirt DIY {wherein I steal shirts from my husband}! This little dress is so comfy! Wear it around the house or to the beach with sandals or with leggings and a blazer for fall. You can even add another "skirt" ruffle around the bottom if you have extra material. I love it. It's pretty much a blank slate ...I'll leave it up to you to get creative with it. Thinking about safety pins, gold spray paint, tie-dye or even using the extra jersey to make little flowers and hand-stitching them on. {easily make this for the kiddies too!} Have fun!

Baby Couture : DIY Ruffled Onesie








Baby-Couture-Onesie-DIY-7 Baby-Couture-Onesie-DIY-8

. . . and a little ruffle butt!


At my sister-in-law's baby shower, the hosts set up a cute little section to create personalized onesies for our newest member of the family {due in WEEKS!} ...but I didn't get a chance to make one and as the party was winding down I realized there were only two onesies left! I grabbed one intending on doing it there but alas, didn't get a chance.

After a week of thinking about how to decorate this cute little tiny little little tiny, I thought wait{!}, I can actually do whatever I want! So I basically used my petal sandal and petal sleeve ideas and baby-ized them ...and it's now clear that if I'm not careful, I will "petal" everything I own.

* If you're going to be so kind to do this for a new mom-to-be, make sure you wash all of your fabrics first. Have fun!

Jersey Mini Sport Skirt DIY from a T-shirt












* Gap tank {from 2004} ...closest to this if not the same in heather gray

This is actually a really easy DIY if you know how to use a sewing machine. Were it not for the blog documentation, it probably would have only taken about 30minutes. If you're really adventurous, use the sleeves from the t-shirt to make pockets -hidden or just stitched to the front like this American Apparel version. I also thought about using the extra material to create flower details, either around the bottom or just randomly placed ...but ultimately kept it simple because it just felt so easy and sporty ...but that doesn't mean I won't add to it in the future {which is why I save all left-over textiles} just. in. case. :) Have Fun!

Braided Jersey Belt DIY


What you'll need . . .









The idea originated from . . .


...this leather choker I used to make for a leather company I worked for for 7 years ...and by "worked for" I mean was engaged to the owner and helped build his business. {fyi he is not my husband}

It's the exact same concept but instead of a buckle, I created and left a loop that the knot at the end could be slipped through to secure. You could technically do the same thing for the belt if you don't have an old buckle lying around ...and let the extra strands hang down ...just make it EXTRA long & know your exact measurements.

Good Luck! ...it's easier than it looks

Recycle your Clothes DIY
Jersey Tank Vest


What you'll need. . .



note* as you wear it the edges will curl a little ...which actually makes it look better
for a cropped look, pull it back more or cut the center shorter

* note: instead of ribbon you can cut strips out of the left over t-shirt




Gucci Inspired Cut-out T-shirt DIY

GUCCI inspired cut-out tshirt DIY

GUCCI inspired cut-out tshirt DIY-1bw

GUCCI inspired cut-out tshirt DIY-2bw

GUCCI inspired cut-out tshirt DIY-3bw

Maegans-DIYs-voilaGUCCI inspired cut-out tshirt DIY-4bw

GUCCI inspired cut-out tshirt DIY-5-bw

...super easy. Wear a halter dress over it for the full effect!

Have Fun! 


Balmain Slashed Army T-Shirt DIY

Balmain Slashed Army T shirt DIY
Balmain Slashed Army T-shirt $1,626 ~ Net-A-Porter.com & Balmain Spring 2010 Runway photos

Slashed T shirt DIY -Balmain -1

Men's oversized T-shirt {this is a Medium, Dickies, but any will do}, Sharp Scissors, Rit dye {I couldn't find an army/olive green so I had to create my own with Dark Green, Golden Yellow, & Taupe}, Salt, Bucket {or sink/tub}, Mixing spoon, detergent, water

Slashed T shirt DIY -Balmain -3

CAREFULLY slash, cut up & destroy t-shirt. Use your hands to physically pull slashes apart creating holes. *Don't cut a round hole with scissors or it won't look distressed. You want the edges of the hole to fray a bit and look worn.

...see video below for further demonstration

Slashed T shirt DIY -Balmain -2

Time to dip dye. Follow instructions on Rit Dye boxes. I mixed the green and yellow together first and left shirt in for only a couple of minutes

Slashed T shirt DIY -Balmain -4

removed and rinsed . . .

Slashed T shirt DIY -Balmain -5

poured out the green mix and created a . . .

Slashed T shirt DIY -Balmain -6

left and stirred shirt in taupe dye mix for about five minutes

Slashed T shirt DIY -Balmain -7

Slashed T shirt DIY -Balmain -8

Slashed T shirt DIY -Balmain -9

more destroying action ...don't forget to stretch out the neck & sleeves

Of course, you could always just skip the dying step altogether and buy a T-shirt that's already olive/army greenarmy green t shirt, balmain DIY, slashed t shirt diy, make a new shirt look old diy ...however, it won't be as fun ;)

Slashed T shirt DIY -Balmain -10

Maegans-DIYs-voilaSlashed T shirt DIY -Balmain -11 -2

Slashed T shirt DIY -Balmain -12

Victoria's Secret fleece boyfriend crop pant ...got them almost a year ago -they're finally making more colors -my husband hates these, fyi!}, Pour La Victoire Tarissa Women's Black Wedge Sandals, Tom Ford cat-eye sunnies, old Gap 1969 denim motorcycle jacket in the background

Have fun!

Easy T-shirt Bathing Suit Cover Up DIY

Cotton T-shirt bathing suit cover-up-DIY, easy diy, summer diy, chic bathing suit cover up, how to make a cute bathing suit cover up out of an old oversized t-shirt, how to make, easy t shirt diys, best diys, diy blog, fashion, fashion do it yourself blog, style, summer diys, bathing suit, black hat, upcycle, recycle your clothes DIY, refashion

T-shirt DIY+Bathing suit slub cover up -1

T-shirt DIY+Bathing suit slub cover up -2

T-shirt DIY+Bathing suit slub cover up -3

T-shirt DIY+Bathing suit slub cover up -4

T-shirt DIY+Bathing suit slub cover up -5

T-shirt DIY+Bathing suit slub cover up -6

T-shirt DIY+Bathing suit slub cover up -7

T-shirt DIY+Bathing suit slub cover up -8

Cotton T-shirt bathing suit cover-up-DIY-pool-1contrast, chic bathing suit cover up, bathing suit cover up DIY, easy t shirt diys, best diy blog, summer diy, do it yourself fashion, style, pour la victoire, pool, palm trees, LA, the valley, best diy blogs, how to make a super cute bikini cover up, summer, beach cover up

Cotton T-shirt bathing suit cover-up-DIY-side-1

Cotton T-shirt bathing suit cover-up-DIY-pool-2

*notes: if you want to make it look like the VS one pictured above, you can fold over the edges under the arms and stitch a simple tube all the way around. Stitching a ribbon or rope at the top of each side & pushing it through. Cut a hole at the bottom of the tube to push ribbon/rope out of, cinch and tie in a bow. Simple enough.
* If you want it to cover more in the front and sides, make your initial mark further up the neck line and make your side cut shorter as well.

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