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DIY: No Sew Swim Cover Up

When I was a kid I used to get a little sad after the 4th of July because to me it meant we were half way through out Summer break. But never fear, even though we’ve half way through Summer there’s still plenty of time left to play by the pool or at the beach. Here’s an easy way to make a no sew swim cover up perfect for those last days of Summer.
These best thing about this project is that you can pick any color or print fabric to match your swimsuit. I, of course inspired by this photo of my fashion icon Ms. Diana Ross, like to lounge around the pool in sequins. I could wear sequins ever day of my life is I was able to. It’s my believe that life is always better if you’re wearing sequins. Ms. Ross proved this when she hit the stage in 1983 in Central Park and gave the performance of her life… in the rain… in a red sequins jumpsuit. Pure magic! Click here to watch. (PS: This concert was literally days before I was born… obviously a sequin celebration of my arrival!)
Grab a large piece of fabric about 8 feet in height and 2 feet in length. Fold the fabric in half and cut off the bottom three inches to use as a belt. Then cut a “V” shape at the fold for your head to fit through and cut 2 slits in the middle of the fabric about a foot apart from each other. These slits will become the belt loops.
Pair this cover up with a pair of wedges and it instantly transforms into the perfect maxi dress.
Warning: Wearing sequins in the sun may cause others to be blinded by your beauty…Tell ‘em to put on a pair of sunglasses!

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