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DIY: M Z Wallace Inspired Striped and Sequined Canvas Tote

When I saw this M Z Wallace bag in the June People Style Watch, I died.  I wanted and *needed* it so badly.  But I knew that it was something I could easily DIY....
I got a large canvas tote at Joann's for $4 and 3 yards of 1.5 inch wide stretch sequin trim, at $5 a yard.  I had Liquid Stitch on hand, and the only other thing I needed was tape and scissors.  Before you cut the trim, wrap tape around the area to be cut first.  This helps hold everything in place.  I've never sewn sequins before, by hand or machine, and I did not want to ruin the trim so I decided to use Liquid Stitch instead, and it's worked perfectly!
I applied the Liquid Stitch in a zig zag fashion, since this is elastic and out of habit I felt it would allow for more 'give' this way.  I wrapped the trim around, making a band that went all the way around the bag.  Repeating this twice more and the bag was complete!  (Let it dry overnight!)

And here's the finished product!  I had only let it dry for a couple hours and didn't want to ruin it, so I didn't really open it up and put stuff in it to style it more like the M Z Wallace one.  But, for a fraction of the cost, I think my creation is pretty spot on! 


30 Days of DIY: Day 22 ~ Our Easter Tree!

So the kids and I decided we needed an Easter centerpiece, and we challenged ourselves to using things around the house (and outside it!)
The kids gathered sticks and rocks.
I spray painted them white.  It took 2 coats per side to achieve a rustic look.
Next I used some cardboard and made an vertically elongated trapezoid, cut it out, and traced it three more times.  These will make up the vase.  I then measured the short side and cut out a square that length for the bottom.
Once those were all cut out, I gathered my bright pink duck tape!
I started by attaching the bottoms of each side to the square using the duck tape on the outside.
All four sides attached!
This is what the other side looks like.  This will be the outside of mine.
Fold the sides up and tape the edges together.
Cover the whole thing in duck tape, including about an inch or so down on the inside, since the rocks won't go all the way to the top.
I filled the bottom with unpainted rocks, and put the white rocks on top.  Before adding the rocks, take the long sticks and hold them in place in the vase while adding the rocks.  Save the short sticks aside and heat up your glue gun!
Glue the smaller sticks to the larger ones to create branches.  Allow to dry for at least an hour or so.
We took some extra plastic eggs and I threaded some clear beading thread through the holes in the top of the egg which created the loop to hang the eggs by.
Cute, easy, recycled, and all other items were on hand!  The kids loved making this and thought it was so cool to recycle things to make something unexpected.  Hope you had a happy happy easter if you celebrate it, if not, I hope you had an awesome weekend!

30 Days of DIY: Day 18 ~ Anthropologie Swathed Hoops Inspired Earrings

Sorry I'm a day off.  I lost my job yesterday and took the entire remainder of the day and just cried and had a pity party.  Well I woke up early this morning with my big girl panties on, and got started.  This has been very humbling and shocking to me, but I must persevere.  I also have big plans to do alot more with my blog than just DIYs so please keep with me and be looking out!  Also, I will post 2 DIYs tomorrow, to catch myself up :)
I digress.  These awesome earrings are inspired by the Anthropologie Swathed Hoops.  I thought to also use embroidery thread, but I did the (what we used to call when I was a kid) "Chinese Staircase" knot.  Did you guys call it the same?  I had these old gold hoops I was about to throw away (eeek!) but thankfully, I did not!
  • Hoop earrings
  • Embroidery thread (about 1 yard per earring)
  • Scissors
  • Clear nail polish (I used a top coat) 
Knot the thread onto the earring, right behind the post.  Cut the excess thread, and apply clear nail polish so the thread doesn't fray, and also so the thread is kind of adhered to the earring (so apply it liberally!)
Here's a pic of how to tie the knot.
Halfway complete...looking good!
And the first is done!!  When you complete your last stitch, pull it taut and cut the excess.  Again, apply clear nail polish liberally.
A closer view of the end.
Here is the finished earring.  So cute, right?
And the finished set!  I took something I was about to throw away, and since I only used about 1/4 - 1/3 of the skein of thread, spent about a dime on!  You could make it multi-colored by knotting another color in every inch or so.  Just knot it to the thread you're using, pull tight, and cut the excess.  You can also do this if you do not use enough thread.  What do you think?  Are you going to make these? 


30 Days of DIY: Day 15 ~ Impact Wall Decor

I have this big blank spot on the wall in my bathroom, and haven't had anything to hang there.  I found these silver metal trays at the (where else!) dollar store, and picked up some scrapbooking paper at Michaels for 59 cents a piece.  For less than $5, I finally decorated my bathroom wall!
We need something to hang the platters up with, so lets glue some floral wire on the back as makeshift hooks!
I cut three pieces about 6 inches long or so.  Milo was doing Quality Control.  He approves.
I love E-6000, it's the best.  Make sure to let the glue dry overnight before you try to hang these up!  (I speak from experience)
So here's what else I used:
  • 3 silver metal platters
  • 3 sheets of scrapbook paper
  • A small plate or something round to trace the shape onto your paper
  • Modge podge
  • Foam brush 
Make sure that your paper is big enough, and your plate is not too big either. 
Trace the plate onto the back of the paper. Cut out the circle.  Repeat for other two.
You'll now have your three circles.
Take one, and apply an even, medium coat of modge podge on the back of the paper.  Make sure that every spot is covered, especially the edges.  Securely affix it to the platter, smoothing out any air bubbles.
Once all the papers are on the platters, we need to seal the front of the paper so as to protect it.  Modge podge is great for that!  Be careful but get all the edges.  Use a wet paper towel to clean up any glue that got on the platter.
I love using modge podge as a sealant on paper like this because it almost looks like painted strokes on the surface, giving it more texture.
And here we are!  I love this look, it looks so much more chic than it should, and again, that's what I love about DIY!  I made sure to get sheets of paper that did not have necessarily the same color scheme, but similar.  Effect achieved!
I also didn't want to use the exact same colors as in my shower curtain, but the lime green was my favorite so I made sure to have that in my colors.  Doesn't it go so well?!
And there we have it!  15 days down, 15 to go!  This is really challenging my creativity, and I love that!  Let me know what you think of this project, and as always, let me know if there's anything you'd like to see me make!

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