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Diane von Furstenberg from Style.com

With nonstop rain on Sunday, I wanted a way to stay stylish while running around the town, and remembered the waist bags from DVF's runway. The updated...dare I say it... fanny pak, is the perfect way to carry your keys, phone, credit cards and lipgloss hands free and shielded from the rain.  
A pencil case, craft pouch, or makeup bag will work!

Supplies: Case from H&M, carabiner, gluegun, chain, ribbon. 
Steps after the break...

Cut a piece of 2" ribbon and thread through the last chain link, and fold in half. 
Glue the folded ribbon together with your hot glue gun, then glue to your case.

Repeat on the opposite side, adding your carabiner in between the chain and the ribbon. Use the opening in the carabiner to put your waist bag on and off. 

Super stoked about my "All the Trimmings" feature in InStyle's Makeover issue! 
If you have not picked up the issue yet, please do, all the stories are beyond fun. 
*Did you know the ideal number of facebook friends is 302?* 
Find out more in "How to  Look your best Online" on page 43! 

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